10 Amazing Benefits of Indoor Tanning You Didn’t Know Before

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Many women invest a lot of money to have sun-kissed skin. Some of them prefer outdoor tanning while others like indoor tanning. Most tanning salons in NJ use a tanning bed to form a cosmetic tan. Some spas use tanning booths to produce ultraviolet radiation. Indoor tanning was first introduced in America more than eight decades ago. In this post, we explore ten health benefits of indoor tanning.

1.     Efficient Skin Tanning

Most people don’t have enough time to sunbathe to have a full tan. They focus on family and work responsibilities. It is prudent to book several short appointments with a licensed cosmetologist. Each session shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Indoor tanning helps you develop a bronze tone within a short period.

2.    Salons Offer Enough Sunshine

In the past, some people claimed that tanning increased the risk of contracting different skin diseases. The probability of getting skin cancer or other chronic illness due to indoor tanning is less than one percent, according to Reuter Health.

Most tanning spas and salons have trained supervisors who control the amount of ultraviolet radiation, customers get exposed to. They don’t expose you beyond the time that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends. Spas and salons adhere to the FDA precautions and warnings about skincare. They cover and apply sunscreen on your body to prevent different skin disorders.

3.    Improves Your Mood and Self Esteem

Indoor tanning cheers you up. Recent research indicated that tanning improves your physical appearance. Also, it increases your self-esteem compared to regular tanning. Physicians recommend it to people with affective disorders.

4.    Tanning Darkens Jaundice Skin

People suffering from jaundice struggle to expose their skin in public places. Indoor tanning reduces the yellow tinge that is associated with jaundice skin. Yellow skin patches show that an individual has liver complications. Thus, it is difficult to treat jaundice skin in a short duration. It is advisable to visit a doctor if you see yellow spots on your skin when you aren’t under medication. Tanning salons in NJ use UV rays to darken yellow marks on the skin.

5.    Minimizes Stretch Marks

Have you ever heard that perfect tan can hide scars and stretch marks? Indoor tanning reduces the visibility of stretch marks on your skin. It darkens the scars thus making them more conspicuous.

A trained cosmetologist can control the level of skin darkening you need. It is essential to apply sunscreen on the stretch marks for them to blend with your natural skin color. They develop a hue that is close to your color. You can apply lemon juice to lighten dark scars. Smear it on your target spots before you get exposed to UV rays. The technique is also appropriate for stretch marks.

6.    Promotes Oil Production and Hormonal Balance

Sunless tanning doesn’t expose you to ultraviolet radiation for long. Thus, it protects your skin against severe damage. Normally, the body produces serum to moisturize the skin and keep it soft. Even so, some people produce little serum and their skin is usually dry most of the time. Many people have inconsistent skin oil production during winter. The skin cracks if you don’t apply lotion. Indoor tanning promotes hormonal balance and keeps your skin healthy, soft and moisturized.

The skin pores get blocked if you produce excess oil. So, it is necessary to have a hormonal balance to regulate oil production. It protects you from several skin disorders including eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

7.     Prevents Skin Cancer

Indoor tanning hinders the development of skin cancer cells. Ultraviolet rays kill abnormal cells thus reducing the risk of different cancers like breast cancer, kidney, ovarian and skin cancer. Sunless tanning technologies are faster than those of outdoor tanning. Dermatologists tell patients to avoid basking in the sun for many hours. Tanning booths and beds expose your skin to sunlight for a limited period. Most salons have skin tanning rules and policies that each client should follow. They include:

• Using goggles

• Avoiding tyrosine tanning accelerators

• Lying on tanning beds daily

• Avoiding tanning pills and tingles

8.    Tanning Promotes Weight Loss

Many people don’t understand how indoor tanning promotes weight loss. Ultraviolet rays trigger the thyroid gland hence increasing your metabolism. Usually, the body burn many calories when the metabolism rate is high. Recent studies show that people who sunbathe are in better shape than those who work indoors.

Indoor tanning helps you lose excess fat to maintain a healthy weight. Metabolism slows down during winter or when we are in a foul mood. Some people like eating junk food when they are angry or depressed. They end up gaining several pounds within a short period.

9.    Indoor Tanning is Affordable

Most families that are financially endowed spend their vacations in the tropics to get a perfect tan. Yet, some people cannot afford to visit sunny beaches frequently. Instead, they visit spas and salons for short tanning sessions. Indoor tanning is available throughout the year. It often costs hundreds of dollars. Some tanning salons offer giveaways and great discounts to regular clients. You can join certain Facebook communities to get tanning offers.

10. Tanning Increases the production of Vitamin D

Physicians recommend basking in the sun for 15 minutes per day without applying sunscreen. In some countries, dairy farms must increase the vitamin D level of their products. Sunless tanning helps you achieve a bronze hue and promotes the production of vitamin D. It eliminates the need to take vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D increases the calcium intake of our body thus making our teeth and bones healthy. It protects you against cancer, hypertension, chronic anxiety, and seasonal effective disorder. People living in Polar Regions can visit tanning salons to improve their bone and skin health. People with a bronze tan are often considered beautiful. Technology has transformed the cosmetic industry. Women who want a perfect tan can visit a variety of tanning salons in NJ. If you are interested in high-quality skin tanning, contact Endless Sun Tanning via 201-358-2826. We use the latest sunless tanning technology to deepen your skin color. Also, our cosmetologists will teach you safe indoor tanning habits.