14 Things to Expect When Getting a Spray Tan for the First Time

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If it is your first time to get a spray tan, it can be quite daunting at first. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Below are guides and tips on what first-timers should expect when getting a spray tan.

Remove any traces of make up

Before going for a spray tan, it is best to remove your make-up first. You can also choose to remove your makeup at the tanning salon since they will have face wipes you can use. If you are using any deodorant, remove any trace of it as well because it can act as a barrier.


When the therapist waits for you outside of the room, remove every article of clothing. You can keep your underwear on if you want but it is better to keep as little on as possible. For example, you can use a thong. This will minimize having being left with patches of white after the spray tan session. Remove all jewellery and accessories that you are wearing.

Wear disposable pants

You can wear disposable pants or thong that you can wear at home. It is also advisable to wear something like a hair net to protect your hair and keep your ears out.

Determine your preferred depth

The therapist will ask you how deep you want to go. If you have a sample of how you want to look like or a previous photo of your holiday, it can be made as a reference. The therapist will also be able to tell the occasion with which you are getting a tan. For example, if you are going on a holiday, you want a deeper shade of tan as opposed to getting a lighter one when attending an occasion such as a wedding.

Tanning tent

Do not be alarmed when you are in a tanning tent. The therapist will slowly apply the formula and disperse it using a sprayer to your face. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. This can be very cold.

Working it down

Every therapist has his or her way of spraying tan. However, they usually work down the body. First the front and then your back. Do not worry too much. This is done so that there are no white patches left.

Follow instructions to stand

Make sure to follow instructions on how to properly stand at some points. This might make you feel silly but this is important so that the spray tan is even.

Secret technique

As mentioned above, every therapist spray tan differently. Some may buff the skin first to ensure it is perfect according to their standard. Other therapists might dry you down using an air hose to make sure that you are dry. However, all therapists must wipe your palms and keep your nails clean.

Clothing after tanning

Once you are dry, get dressed. However, it is a good idea to bring loose and dark clothing that will not rub the tan off.


The formula today may not look as funky before the wash-off. The color guide of the tan might look darker than the finished one. So do not worry about this. Later on, you will be rocking your tan.

Dealing with the smell

After tanning, you might smell like malty biscuits but it will not last long. To mask the smell, apply perfume to clothes, not to the skin.

Day plans

Since this is your first time having a spray tan, it is highly advised not to make any plans for the rest of the day. Usually doing this is fine. However, considering the session you just went through, a rest is what you need.

How to Make the Tan last

Now that you have made it, the next thing is to make sure that you can make your tan last as long as possible.

Wait for 6 hours

Wait for six hours after your session before having a shower. This allows the skin to absorb the solution and create the shade you prefer. Moreover, this will let your skin receive an even shade.


You can extend the life of your tan by using self-tanner. This cannot be the same as yours but it is good enough to spray yourself.


Exfoliate as much as you can. The reason is that you can still feel fresh after a few days.


Apply highlighter to make your skin seemingly glow. The highlighters have shimmery stuff that can set off a tan.

Oil-based fragrances

Avoid oil-based fragrances as they can prevent the tan from getting absorbed.

Shower precautions

Do not spend a lot of time in the water or else the tan might begin to fade even before you can show it to others. When taking a bath, use lukewarm water and avoid using scrubs. Just let the water flow on your skin.

When shampooing, make sure that you keep the shampoo away from your skin.

Avoid sweating

As much as possible, keep your skin cool to avoid sweating as this can cause streaks on your skin, making it look like something unpleasant to see.

Getting the proper tan can make you look good especially if you are planning to go to an important occasion. You can get an even tan using spray tans as an alternative to sun-bathing for hours.

If you want to get a tan, spray tan is the safest way to do it. When maintained properly, it can last for a long time. Getting a tan is not so hard at all. Just follow the above guide for first-timers and you have nothing to feel worried about. If you want to learn more about spray-tanning and how you can maximize its effects on your skin, read more guides at Endless Sun Tanning today. Look good without putting too much effort.