4 Tips to Get You Ready For A Spraytan

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Once you have booked an appointment to get a spray tan, you may be getting excited to receive your fresh new look. But before walking in the door and experiencing the magic of a new color, there are a few steps to take to help get you ready.

1. Timing Your Beauty Routines

Waxing and nail care may be a regular part of your beauty routines, but it is best to get them done further in advance of a spray tan. Many professional recommend doing this about 48 hours beforehand or more. This ensures that your body has time to heal from these procedures, especially if you experience any irritation. Also, you will know that the money you spend on these procedures is not going to waste and they will not be ruined upon entering the spray tan room.

2. Exfoliation

Your skin is the most prepared for the spray tan treatment if you have properly exfoliated in advance. 12 hours beforehand is ideal. While waxing is a form of exfoliation, it is harsher on the skin and therefore will require a greater recovery time. Instead, use a body wash and some sort of exfoliation tool, like a body brush, that will remove the dead skin cells, making your skin smooth and ready for the spray tan.

3. Leave off the Lotions

Avoid the use of deodorants, lotions, and makeup prior to your spray tan appointment. This can act in contrast to the spray tanning solution, rendering it ineffective in some areas because it won’t be able to stick to the skin. Some deodorants have even been known to turn armpits green when the solution mixes in. It is better just to keep it all off, let your spray tan develop, and then make yourself smell good again.

4. Wear Loose, Dark Clothing

Most spray tanning locations will inform you of this ahead of time, but it makes it much easier for the tanning solution develop on your skin if you wear loose, dark clothing when you come in. This ensures that your clothing is not going to rub off the spray tan before it’s time. While you might have to rub off the excess solution right after the treatment, you will want to do that with a towel. You do not want your clothing to be the recipient of the new color that was meant for your skin.

After following these instructions, you will be ready to receive the spray tan, so relax and enjoy the experience!

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