Spray Booth Tanning is all the Rage

Cindy CavotoHealth

It doesn’t seem that long ago when slathering on the baby oil and then baking in the sun for hours to achieve that perfect dark tan was all the rage. Getting skin cancer from the sun was not a thing. A sun-kissed glow was. Today, skin cancer has become a very real concern. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “more … Read More

Beat the Winter Blues with a Healthy Dose of the Sunshine Vitamin

Cindy CavotoHealth

Vitamin D

If you’ve been feeling kind of down these days, cheer up! The dark months of winter are coming to an end. Just look to the western sky. It’s no longer dark at 4:30 pm. Warmer, sunnier days are definitely on the way. But, if knowing that spring is on the way is not enough to shake off the blues, there … Read More