10 Best Tips to Stay Beautiful During the Lockdown

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Stay Beautiful

The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 116,000 people since the first case was reported in China on December 31, 2019. As of March 31, 2020, more than 100 nations had imposed lockdowns in their territories to prevent the disease from spreading, according to BBC News. France and the United Kingdom have extended their lockdowns for one month. Cessations and … Read More

Is Indoor Tanning Safe for Pregnant Ladies?

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Indoor Tanning Safe for Pregnant Ladies

Are you looking forward to the summer season but somewhat worried about being out in the sun too long now that you are pregnant? Looking tan and having sun-kissed skin can help you feel more confident and beautiful despite the hormones of pregnancy affecting you. However, you also need to protect the newest member of the family and make sure … Read More

Do You Get Vitamin D from Indoor Sun Tanning?

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Professional Tanning Solutions

When you use a tanning bed or booth to get a tan, it is called indoor tanning. Indoor tanning makes use of artificial UVA and UVB light to tan the skin, instead of sunlight. Having a sun-kissed skin is something that many women want to achieve. Beauty experts say that having a tanned skin looks healthier. Others go on a … Read More