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summer months

Each year, May is declared “National Sunshine Month” to bring awareness to the importance of and need for sunshine to promote health. Many communities, organizations, and businesses will celebrate the beauty and benefits that a month full of sunshine brings. And hopefully, people will take advantage of the rays (whether outdoors or in the tanning bed) during May and the other summer months that boast ample sunshine opportunities.

Now, more than ever before, people are spending time inside far more than outside. This can be attributed to a lot of reasons, including the introduction of more modern technology to the world and significant cultural shifts. As a result of these changes, the world’s population, especially in more advanced countries like the United States, there is a decreased exposure to sunlight across the board. It is time to bring back the positive effects of sunlight – both natural and artificial. And what better time to celebrate sunshine than summer!

Organizations like the Indoor Tanning Association are intimately familiar with the health benefits that come from tanning. They have cited benefits like improved appearance, higher levels of energy, better moods, and an obvious increase in Vitamin D levels within the body. This keeps bones strong and stress levels low. Tanning is also occasionally used as a treatment for eczema and psoriasis, though not commonly.

Some even say that tanning, because of these benefits, can lengthen your life! This is especially apparent during the non-summer months when weather and less sunlight takes its toll on many with seasonal depression and other seasonal disorders.

So go out and enjoy the rays during the summer months when the sunshine is frequent, skies are blue, and rain is scarce! Grab your lotions and towels and head to the beach or the tanning bed. Now is the time to carefully soak up the rays and get on the path to a healthy life full of Vitamin D.

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