Tanning for the Fair of Skin

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For those who have fair skin and the predisposition to burning in the sun, you know how hard it can be to get the right skin tone without burning. Of course, this does not mean you cannot get that perfect sun-kissed glow. You will just want to be more careful and creative with how you get it. You can always visit the tanning bed and opt for minimal exposure over a longer period of time, but you can also consider alternatives like spray tans. With either of these options, consider the following tips.

1. Go for the right tone

As hard as it may be to hear, fair skinned folks tend to look better with the golden, sun-kissed tones as opposed to darker and bronze tones. It is especially true with sunless tanning. Someone with fair skin who gets a spray tan that is too dark is likely to look unnatural and too orange. If you get the lighter tone and are unsatisfied, you can always go darker, but going too dark upfront is impossible to change quickly.

2. Be patient

Especially with fairer skin, you may have to wait longer before getting the results that you want. Even after going to the tanning bed a few times, you could still be hard-pressed to see any real difference in tone. This does not mean that you should do longer sessions or go too often. Most places will agree that fair skins do not tolerate 20-minute sessions that are most common. They may start you low at 6 or 7 minutes per visit and work you up to 10 minutes. Expect it to take 10 visits to get the right deep, all-over tan you hoped for.

3. Don’t forget the moisturizer

A tanning lotion made for indoor tanning contains no sunscreen- because the tanning salon is a controlled environment where prevention of overexposure is the most important.

Using a tanning lotion is necessary because they prepare your skin to tan more efficiently .  They contain state of the art ingredients and make your tan last longer. When your skin is prepared using a Lotion made for indoor tanning your skin tans faster and your tan lasts longer.

It’s important to practice good skin care in order to maintain your tan Whether it’s a tanning bed Tan or a Sunless Spray Tan.

The main ingredient in all self-tanners is dihydroxyacetone which is actually drying to your skin so it’s important to follow your salons instructions on preparing your skin before your spray tan and also making sure that you moisturize your skin once you take your shower after your spray tan.

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